Welcome to the New Maverick Males

Welcome to the new Maverick Males site. Thank you to all the donors that made it possible, if it were not for you guys I would have just stopped after tumblr deleted my blog. But since many of you signed up I was able to finance this new site, it is now self hosted and the host allows adult sites, so no fear of getting deleted again. Already bought a full year of hosting :). I am going to play around with the themes so don’t be surprised to see it change. Unfortunately, I was not able to backup my tumblr blog before it was deleted, and most of the pictures I posted I deleted off my computer after I posted them. Don’t worry, I still have all the originals :), but will need to find them again and watermark them, so if you have been a follower for awhile you might see some guys again, but I will try to mix it up with new and old. If you have Any requests of old posts let me know.

And the Private Video site is still open, if you had access to that you still have it, nothing has changed.


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