Double Header: Two hot Straight Boys

Check out these two hot straight boys who came in to audition for me.

These are two boys who came in to audition but got cold feet before there shoots to do a video. The first guy is a cute blond military boy who was great to work with, if just a little stiff, lol, you can tell he was in the army, he was yes sir this and yes sir that. He really wanted to make the big bucks so he was up for anything and we gave it all a try so he could get a taste of it. He jumped right into sucking cock and after a little coaching he was very good at it. Then he agreed to try bottoming and I fucked his virgin ass, it was very nice and tight, and he has a great uncut cock that I had a blast sucking. Too bad he chickened out, he would have been great.

The second guy was a hot gym rat whose friend had done a video so he thought he would come in and try it. He was really nervous and I am pretty sure he was smoking something before he came in to calm his nerves, lol, and he had a lot of trouble getting up. He only wanted to try out for a solo but after 30 mintes and not being able to get hard he decided to let me try blowing him to see if it would work instead of giving up. And it worked and worked quickly :). He really liked it and really got into it, and was able to cum for the pictures.

Anyway, below is just a sample of the pictures I took of  these two guys who you can only see here and no where else. See the full sets with pictures of them fully nude, hard and cumming on the Private Site by donating to the blog and help keep it running.


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