Maverick’s Jayce Audition Pictures and Video

Some pictures I took of hottie Jayce and one of his videos from Chaos men after the break

Jayce is a hot straight boy that came in one day after talking for awhile. He was really nervous about the whole thing but came up with the courage to come in, and he was a trooper. Had no issues getting hard :). While he was jerking off he asked me if I liked what I was seeing and I said of course. Then he asked if I was attracted to him, and I said of course I am, lol. Now when we were talking before he came in he told me he was really only interested in a solo and that he was straight, but while I was taking his pictures he dropped his secret, he had fucked a dude before and liked it :), then asked if I could give him a bj to help him along, and of course I obliged :). Just another day in the life of a model scout 😉
Check out the Full Video at Chaos Men to day, plus all his other hot sex videos, he is a great bottom 🙂

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