Web Round-up 14

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I lived in Seattle for a couple of years and loved going to the solstice parade every year to see the nude bike riders. While not all were always hot, there were always a few really good looking guys in the mix. Here are some from around the web that I like, I will post some pictures I took myself in the future as well, but these are from after I left Seattle.

Twink Boy Nude

See this Twink’s tool after the break.

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College Athlete Shows Off

See him Nude after the Break.

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Hot Gymnast Shows Off

See this hot boy nude after the break.

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Hot Models Nude

See these two hot male models nude at Men Of Scandinavia. Hot pictures and videos of them playing in nature with it all hanging out. 

Broke Straight Boys – Kevin

Kevin is in the running for having one of the largest dicks on BSB. See what this young blond gets up to on his first time on the futon… he may just surprise you!

Broke Straight Boys – Jimmy and Mick

Jimmy has a name for his dick, can you guess what it might be? Find out when you watch this very hot scene right to the end. Also, see how Jimmy does sucking cock for only his second time! 

Maverick’s Jessy has some Oral Fun

Maverick’s Jessy getting a bj and giving one at Chaos Men. Watch it Today. 

Hot Boys Pose Nude

See these hot boys nudes as well as other hot male models at Men of Scandinavia

Bobby gets fucked at BSB

Who is the most creative between Bobby and Mick? See what they do when given a paintbrush, some paint and told to go wild! You’ve never seen this before on BSB! 

Maverick’s Jessy Jerks off

Maverick’s Jessy Jerks off over at Chaos men.
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