Maverick Males Reddit Forum- Read, View, & Share

Just started a new sub-Reddit called Maverick Males, visit today to see some hot pictures. Like the tumblr blog, the Reddit blog will have stuff that is not posted here, I will be posting a lot from my collections of nude men that I have amassed over the years from around the web, so visit so you don’t miss anything. But unlike the tumblr blog, you can post your own pictures as well, so come by and share. And if you have a Reddit subscribe to it. As an added bonus to get you guys to visit, I posted some pictures from the popular Reflections series early to the Reddit forum, see them there today or wait a couple weeks to see them here :). I will be posting more mirror boys this weekend as well, currently have 10 weekly posts lined up for the blog, but will be posting some early to the Reddit forum. And if anyone wants to moderate, email me.


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