Broke Straight Boys – Conner and Bradley

Back in the studio today are Bradley and Connor. It’s a special occasion for Bradley as he will be getting fucked for the first time by a guy and luckily, Connor has been nominated to do the deed. As both guys are pretty broke, they are eager to get the show on the road. Standing up, they stripped off naked in record time. They sat side by side on the bed and with a hand wrapped around their respective cocks, both boys worked on getting hard. It wasn’t long before Connor was ready to go so Bradley leaned over and started sucking on his rock solid dick. For a relative newbie, Bradley was getting good with his cock sucking skills as he soon had Connor panting in pleasure. ¬†Straight as he was, Connor couldn’t help but keep gazing down at Bradley and watching his dick slid in and out of Bradley’s mouth. Watch the full video today at Broke Straight Boys.

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