Sandbox Buddies #4: Getting it in the End

Lifelong buddies, Evan and Michael are back in the fourth and final part of ‘Sandbox Buddies’. Both boys are now sporting new military style haircuts and are looking as hot and sexy as ever. Today it’s Michael’s turn to have his cherry popped by Evan – in other words, payback time. It appears that Michael is more anxious than fearful about getting fucked since Evan told him how great it felt when he was on the bottom. Caruso decides to stay silent and let the two guys direct the action themselves – and they know just what to do. There’s rimming, blow jobs and finally SDM fucking (sitting,doggy,missionary). While Evan grinds his cock in his good buddy’s butthole he just blurts out ‘This is pretty hot’ and Michael is so turned on by the first cock in his butt that Caruso is almost caught off guard as he comes really fast with his dick still soft! Be sure not to miss the post shoot interview and what both boys have to say about the entire experience. We are thrilled to have been able to bring you this very unique experience.

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