Will from Excused Dating Show jerking off at Island Studs

This boy stripped on national tv on the dating show Excused, and since its broadcast tv they did not show anything. However, to our luck this hot boy already stripped and jerked off for us at Island Studs. See some hot video after the break.

Will was the hotter guy in the competition  so he thought he would use his good looks to his advantage and show off the full monty to his date to try and seal the deal. But she did not like it, lol. But I sure do, since we know what she saw because Will posed for Island Studs as Dane, and man does he have a nice cock. Check out his hot videos, two solos available at island studs with a lot of ass shots, cock and a big cum shot from this sufer boy. Preview of his solo and clips from his tv appearance below.

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