Ultimate Fighter’s Porn Past

Danny from Sean Cody Nude

Super hot Danny of Sean Cody fame will be on the new season of the Ultimate Fighter, an MMA reality show, known as Dakota Cochrane outside the adult industry. He was not one of those one and done guys either, he did a whopping 12 videos with Sean Cody, including getting fucked by hung stud Parker. Danny was and still is one of my favs from the Sean Cody boys, along with HarryBailey, Owen and Patrick, Danny is near the top of that list, so if you have not seen them already it is worth a look. Even though he says he is fully straight, his videos were hot and he gets into the sex and the other guys body. First Dustin Zitto of Real World and Fratmen Fame, and now Dakota bringing gay porn stars to the national attention, who will be next?

Dakota Cochrane getting fucked